some residual questions
(cache-a-maniacs interview)

Places to recommend for caching vacation in Europe?

for real caching holidays i can only recommend northern europe (norway, finland, sweden, denmark, great britain, germany, netherlands, switzerland, austria, czech republic), as there are more caches (per area) than in the south (italy, spain, greece, ...).

here are my own stats regarding this matter (caches per area):

Have there been any learning experiences that you'd like to share?

i think it would be best to keep an own log book to counter-log the finds. i am quitet particular and always note the time of the day of a find. it also helps to keep track of tracking numers of bugs and coins.

Of the many slogans and taglines for Geocaching, which is your favorite?

here is my own one: “widen your horizons with geocaching.”

What is your favorite movie, television show, and musical group of all time?

“lord of the rings”, “shrek” and other comedy and animatiton stuff, ”seinfeld”, ”south park”, ”futurama” ...

pop, funk, rock, hard rock, fusion, jazz rock (favourite band: “mezzoforte” (from iceland)), smooth jazz. but also classical music.

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